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Coaching and Mentoring development with a difference!

Whether you are:

  • a manager or leader looking for a new style of engagement that will revitalise your role
  • an experienced learning and development professional looking for formal recognition of your skills
  • looking for a new career or direction

our ILM accredited coaching and mentoring programmes are for you.

Beehive ILM accredited 'Coaching and Mentoring in Organisations' cert/dip programmes

We run 'Coaching and Mentoring in Organisations' certificate and diploma programmes accredited at ILM levels 3,5,and 7. For information about the ILM Level 7 programme download our information pack here: Beehive ILM 7 Coaching and Mentoring Info Pack 2017 . For more information about Level 3 and 5 please contact [email protected]

For testimonials from our coaching clients and the benefits they’ve gained from the programmes please go to our testimonials page

  1. What will an ILM accreditation in coaching do for me as a practitioner?The move in organisations is to use accredited coaches, that conform to recognised coaching standards. ILM accreditation is an external quality mark that is recognised by buyers and will differentiate you from the vast number of self-styled “coaches” out in the market place
  2. What will an ILM accreditation in coaching do for me as a senior manager?Coaching skills are compatible with transformational leadership skills. ILM accreditation gives you the confidence that your coaching/transformational leadership skills hit a high external benchmark for quality, and adds to your marketability by providing evidence of your performance management skills as well as your functional specialism

ILM Accredited Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

Interdependency is the safety culture associated with the fewest accidents and injuries and is therefore the safest way of working - (ref research by Du Pont Du Pont Bradley Curve).Trust is the key interpersonal component of Interdependency - (ref Beehive/Bangor University research).

Trust is an attitude. To increase trust and therefore interdependency it is necessary to demonstrate you are worthy of trust by displaying trustworthy behaviours - (ref Beehive/Bangor research &Trustworthiness Elements)

If you demonstrate trustworthiness through the five elements, others are invited to reciprocate and therefore trust and interdependency builds. The five behaviours are:

  1. Meaning
  2. Integrity
  3. Openness
  4. Interest in others
  5. Self awareness and intentionality

The D2iP b.SAFE Leadership Programme is all about developing the five elements of trustworthy behaviour.

The D2iQ metric is about measuring where people are on the spectrum of reactive - interdependent behaviours and how their behaviour changes over time in response to development.

'Transforming Safety Behaviours' Prices

‘Human Performance Fundamentals’ One-day  £299 plus VAT
‘Coaching for Safety’ One-day £299 plus VAT
‘Mentoring Apprentices’ One-day £299 plus VAT
Two of the above workshops £549 plus VAT
All three workshops £749 plus VAT
Dinner B&B at Brathay £85 per night

For more information or to book contact [email protected] or call 01492 550 960

Organisational Behaviour Change

We have a proven track record in changing behaviours in organisations.
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Coaching & Mentoring

We’re passionate about coaching and mentoring.
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Team Development

No international sports team would be expected to perform without practice yet this is often expected of teams in organisations.
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b.SAFE Behavioural Safety

There is growing recognition of the contribution to safety culture of non-technical training.
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Management & Leadership

Good management is something that you can DO well; leadership is more about who you ARE.
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