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Sara Lodge - director

Sara Lodge is director of Beehive Coaching & Leadership Development Ltd. Apart from a couple of breaks, one working in marketing and one on the Leadership Fast Track of the West Yorkshire Police, she has been in the field of learning and development since 1985, working in places as diverse as Japan, Africa, Canada, Austria and France. She is passionate about organisational learning and the importance of learning to leadership, and sees action learning, coaching and mentoring as two of the most important elements of developing both. She also sees Beehive's mission of sustainable learning as being directly applicable to the fields of Human Performance and safety culture, as it provides a model of operating experience feedback.

sara head and shouldersSara has a wide range of organisational development and coaching experience, having worked with organisations as varied as GE, SSE, Magnox, Marsh (UK) Ltd, Conoco (UK) Ltd, Vodafone (UK) Ltd, ECGD, Hertz (UK) Ltd, Lancashire County Council, Blackpool County Council, the MoD, Powys County Council, DEFRA, Gywnedd County Council, the Metropolitan Police Service, Enron (UK) Ltd, and Lancashire County Council. She is also an experienced coach and consultant supervisor.

 She has particular interest in the impact of board behaviours on organisational culture. In 2012 she completed research into emotional dissonance and transference at CEO level, published in '"Leadership as Emotional Labour: 'Management and the Managed Heart'", Routledge.

Sara's most recent work has been in the field of behavioural safety, working with Paul Carter of Bangor University on research into the key interpersonal factors that most impact on safety. This has led to the development of the D2iQ, a new metric measuring those interpersonal factors, and the D2iP Behaviour Change programme which develops the interpersonal factors. 

Martin Reeve

Martin Reeve - actor

Martin is a highly experienced professional actor, role player and training facilitator, working with b.SAFE on the Alstom reenactment workshops and the d2i Programme.

His acting work includes leads and guest leads on TV, including ‘Emmerdale’, ‘Phoenix Nights’, ‘Drs’, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Cracker’. He was also to be seen in the first series of ‘Downton Abbey’. He has had an extensive career on the stage and as a voice artist.

As a role player and facilitator he has worked in the private and public sectors, with a range of organisations including Astra Zenica, British Gas,  Alstom, the Fire and Rescue Service and many more. He has played fire-fighters, CEOs, shop-floor workers, and many others. All of this work was in communication skills, and Martin has a strong belief that role play can give participants the tools to achieve win-win outcomes.

Beehive Collaborators

We work collaboratively whenever possible, as we feel that everyone, including our clients, can benefit from the diversity of knowledge, experience and service provided. Our key collaborators are:

  • Brathay Trust - inspirational organisational, team and leadership development using experiential learning Brathay Trust website
  • Worth Consulting – experts in coaching and mentoring provision and eLearning Worth Learning website
  • Archway – psychometric support and CIPD expertise
  • Wild Tracks - experts in the use of the outdoors as a learning tool Wild Track website
  • Wild in the Pantry - highly trained chefs providing catering for events and cookery lessons and team build activities Wild in the Pantry website

Interdependency is the safety culture associated with the fewest accidents and injuries and is therefore the safest way of working - (ref research Du Pont Bradley Curve).Trust is the key interpersonal component of Interdependency - (ref Beehive/Bangor University research).

Trust is an attitude. To increase trust and therefore interdependency it is necessary to demonstrate you are worthy of trust by displaying trustworthy behaviours - (ref Beehive/Bangor research &Trustworthiness Elements)

If you demonstrate trustworthiness through the five principles, others are invited to reciprocate and therefore trust and interdependency builds. The five Principles are:

  1. Meaning
  2. Interest in others
  3. Openness
  4. Integrity
  5. Intentionality

The D2iP b.SAFE Safety Leadership Programme is designed to introduce the five principles of trustworthy behaviour and trustworthy leadership within the organisation.

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Mark Sykes & Sara Lodge
Mark Sykes & Sara Lodge