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'Transforming Safety Behaviours' - three x one-day workshops,

Brathay Trust, Cumbria

At Beehive we know that transforming safety behaviours requires the right:

                                    Mindset + Skills + Tools

Our three x one day, experiential ‘Transforming Safety Behaviours’ workshops includes:

  1.  'Human Performance Fundamentals' workshop
  2.  'Coaching for Safety' workshop
  3.  'Mentoring Apprentices' workshop

 and aims to equip supervisors and managers with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to transform safety behaviours at work.

'Transforming Safety Behaviours' is a [email protected] event, using Brathay Hall’s unique experiential learning environment. We use outdoor activities as a way of simulating safety critical environments, giving an immediacy and relevance that simple classroom based approaches do not have. For more information about Brathay go to Brathay Trust. 

Brathay Trust

Each day is a stand-alone workshop and can be booked separately or together. To download and information pack click here:Transforming Safety Behaviours Info

'Human Performance Fundamentals' One-day Workshop

Every hour every one of us makes on average five errors and in the workplace and every error could lead to an incident or significant event.

Human performance is a systems-based approach to error reduction combining organisational defences, safety culture, safety behaviours and error prevention tools and techniques.

This workshop provides participants with an appreciation of Human Performance theory as well as tools and techniques that will help them reduce error and avoid or mitigate the impact of incidents and events.

The workshop includes:

  • History and principles of Human Performance
  • Different types of error
  • Error pre-cursors
  • Human Performance tools
  • GEMS Model
  • Barriers Model
  • Anatomy of an event model

'Coaching for Safety' One-day Workshop

A coaching style of management has long been associated with improved results and productivity and the benefits are now being felt in the field of health and safety. Coaching is not just about using open questions – it is a fundamental shift in mindset and behaviours which increases accountability and empowerment and ultimately saves lives.

The coaching mindset and coaching skills do not just improve the effectiveness of Human Performance and other error avoidance tools and models, they increase engagement in safety and employee engagement and participation, a key element of the new ISO 45001 safety standard.

The workshop covers;

  • The coaching mindset – using the PAC Model
  • Key coaching skills
  • ‘Diamond’ conversations
  • The OSCAR coaching Model
  • ‘Coaching on the go’
  • The Coaching Compass – a team coaching model

And, importantly, because coaching is a practical skill we provide lots of opportunity for practise!

‘Mentoring Apprentices’ One-day Workshop

While the value of supporting apprentices through mentoring is increasingly being recognized, 75% of managers feel they fulfil the role of mentor, but only 26% of millennials agree, demonstrating a significant mentoring knowledge and skills gap.

Mentoring is not just for apprentices, however. It can provide support to anyone going through a significant workplace transition, and is an effective way of capturing and passing on tacit knowledge across functions and age profiles.

This workshop provides participants with:

  • An introduction to what mentoring is and isn’t
  • Planning a mentoring scheme
  • How to maximise the benefits of a mentoring relationship
  • Mentoring models including The Heroes Journey
  • Key skills and tools for mentoring
  • Understanding different generations at work
  • Mentoring as a model of skills and knowledge transfer
  • ‘Reverse’ mentoring
  • Diversity

'Transforming Safety Behaviours' Prices

‘Human Performance Fundamentals’ One-day  £299 plus VAT
‘Coaching for Safety’ One-day £299 plus VAT
‘Mentoring Apprentices’ One-day £299 plus VAT
Two of the above workshops £549 plus VAT
All three workshops £749 plus VAT
Dinner B&B at Brathay £85 per night

For more information or to book contact [email protected] or call 01492 550 960

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