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Trustworthiness Principle 5 - Intentionality


Increasing self-awareness is a key part of maturing as a person, and of understanding how our behaviours - including safety behaviours - impact on others. Supervisors and leaders have a significant impact on those around them, but everyone impacts on others. We all, therefore, need to understand that impact and use it to the best effect.

However, any increase in knowledge and awareness means an increase in responsibility, and in leadership that means you have a responsibility to act with INTENTION – i.e. intentionally behaving in a way that will create the best work environment for followers, building both trust and safety, physically and psychologically.

Every interaction with others is a ‘moment of truth; an opportunity for you to build trust with - share meaning, demonstrate openness, display your interest in the people around you, act according to your values - because as humans we cannot not communicate so everything we do says something about us. Acting with intention is acting like that is the case; seeing each interaction as an opportunity to build trust, and behaving with that in mind.

In this final webinar in the series we explore your own 'moments of truth' - opportunities to make changes that will increase trust in your work environment - using a unique communications analysis tool developed by Sara Lodge as part of the research into safety culture. You will leave the webinar series with an action plan that will enable you to move ahead and increase the trust in your organisation. To book your place please go to An Introduction to The D2iT Trust-based Safety Culture Model

Interdependency is the safety culture associated with the fewest accidents and injuries and is therefore the safest way of working - (ref research Du Pont Bradley Curve).Trust is the key interpersonal component of Interdependency - (ref Beehive/Bangor University research).

Trust is an attitude. To increase trust and therefore interdependency it is necessary to demonstrate you are worthy of trust by displaying trustworthy behaviours - (ref Beehive/Bangor research &Trustworthiness Elements)

If you demonstrate trustworthiness through the five principles, others are invited to reciprocate and therefore trust and interdependency builds. The five Principles are:

  1. Meaning
  2. Interest in others
  3. Openness
  4. Integrity
  5. Intentionality

The D2iP b.SAFE Safety Leadership Programme is designed to introduce the five principles of trustworthy behaviour and trustworthy leadership within the organisation.

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