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Beehive’s Executive Coaching and Mentoring ILM 7 Fast Track Programme

More and more organisations are looking to employ coaches that have a recognised coaching and mentoring qualification. There are many learning and development professionals, however, who have the skills and experience required but no formal qualification.  The Beehive Coaching and Mentoring ILM 7 Fasttrack Programme is specifically designed to enable learning and development professionals not only to get an ILM level 7 coaching and mentoring qualification, taking into account the training and experience they have gained in their careers to date. It also provides an opportunity to get coaching supervision from an experienced coach supervisor, a requirement of the qualification, and to join a learning community of experienced professionals which will deepen and strengthen your coaching practice. For more information and prices download our Beehive ILM L7 Fasttrack Coaching and Mentoring Introduction here. For details of the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring download the Q card here ILM L7 Q Card Coaching and Mentoring

ILM Accredited Coaching and Mentoring Training

The fasttrack programme is aimed at professionals who:

  •  Are experienced learning and development professionals within organisations or consultants working with organisations
  •  Already have training and experience in coaching and mentoring, leadership development and organisational development
  •  Use non-directive coaching and/or mentoring as a strategic level as a significant part of their professional role
  •  Do not have an accredited coaching and mentoring qualification

Beehive ILM L7 Coaching and Mentoring Fasttrack learner journey

The programme comprises four elements:

1) Recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE) and induction

2) Guided learning and reflection

3) Supervision modules

4) Assignment submission

Recognition of prior learning and experience

Do you have the skills and experience it takes to start the fasttrack? Check out our suitability criteria:


1.Understanding of non-directive coaching concepts, models and approaches

2.Understanding of leadership and management models and development approaches

3.Understanding of organisational culture


1.Using coaching or mentoring to improve the performance of and support behaviour change for managers and/or leaders over a period of time, through a process of one-to-one meetings using non-directive techniques

2.Using contracting to ensure clarity of goals and expectations

3.Improving own performance through reflection and continuing professional development (CPD)


1.A commitment to own and others’ continuous improvement and a passion for learning and development

2.Capacity for independent learning and self-motivation

1) Recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE)

Because there are no skills input modules we have to be sure that participants have the experience and training needed to complete the qualification with just supervision. We therefore ask you to complete an RPLE form and have a conversation with a programme facilitator ro ensure you have the foundations on which to build the ILM 7 certificate.

2) Guided learning and reflection

As this is a fasttrack programme much of the learning will take place through independent research and reflection, undertaking the required 20 hrs of strategic coaching with supervision and the writing of the assignments. To support participants we provide guidance in the form of a 'signposted' resource list and reflective exercises linked to assignment criteria along with proforma coaching records and detailed assignment hints and tips

3) Supervision modules

Supervision is a key element of best practice in coaching, and is a requirement of the qualification. The three, one-day supervision modules enable participants to deepen their own coaching and mentoring practice as well as get face-to-face support and guidance in writing assignments. The modules have been carefully designed to include what we have found of most benefit ourselves in our coaching work and will also be informed by the participant’s prior experience and the pre-course questionnaires. For more details of the supervision days download the introduction to the programme here Beehive ILM L7 Fasttrack Coaching and Mentoring Introduction

4) Assignment submission

Participants will be able to submit a first draft of their assignments for feedback before sending in the final draft for marking.

The benefits of the fast track programme are:

1) Cost effectiveness – a cheaper way of getting an internationally recognised coaching and mentoring qualification that isn’t based on eLearning

2) Focus – the programme comprises only what’s required to achieve the coaching hours and complete the assignments

3) Individualised attention – group sizes are small with one-to-one support

Meet the team!

Sara Lodge - Facilitator and supervisor

Sara head laughing

Sara is a director of Beehive and is an experienced coach and coach supervisor. With a background in clinical Transactional Analysis Sara designed and ran the ILM 5 and 7 Coaching and Mentoring Certificate and Diploma programmes for Bangor University’s Management Centre from its inception, and for five years provided supervision for the executive coaches and teaching fellows at Lancaster University, for the North West Learning Community, as well as for individual coaching professionals. She has been running the Beehive Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programme since 2012.

Mark Sykes - facilitator and course mentor

mark head laughing

Mark Sykes is a director of Beehive and is an experienced sports and performance as well as executive coach. His experience of coaching spans 30 years, including coaching over 100 head teachers as part of a highly acclaimed national programme credited with driving up educational standards. In 2012 he was instrumental in the one of the biggest roll outs of coaching training and culture seen in the UK, and has worked with CEO’s and directors of a range of public and private sector organisations. Mark has been running the Beehive ILM 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programme since 2012.

"Completing my ILM level 7 in coaching and mentoring through Beehive was an incredible journey for me. Although I have worked in this field for 20 years I was amazed at how much I learned, not only about the topic, but also about my own drivers to the questions I ask of my coachees as well as my coaching style in general.
Beehive treat you as an adult learner and are excellent role models in this arena. I would recommend doing this qualification with them without hesitation.'"Chris Schiller - international L&D professional

Interdependency is the safety culture associated with the fewest accidents and injuries and is therefore the safest way of working - (ref research Du Pont Bradley Curve).Trust is the key interpersonal component of Interdependency - (ref Beehive/Bangor University research).

Trust is an attitude. To increase trust and therefore interdependency it is necessary to demonstrate you are worthy of trust by displaying trustworthy behaviours - (ref Beehive/Bangor research &Trustworthiness Elements)

If you demonstrate trustworthiness through the five principles, others are invited to reciprocate and therefore trust and interdependency builds. The five Principles are:

  1. Meaning
  2. Interest in others
  3. Openness
  4. Integrity
  5. Intentionality

The D2iP b.SAFE Safety Leadership Programme is designed to introduce the five principles of trustworthy behaviour and trustworthy leadership within the organisation.

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