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'b.WELL with Beehive'

'Do NOT wait until your employees are off work with stress and burnout before putting support in place. By then it's way too late.' Sara Lodge, Beehive/b.SAFE director

At this time of Covid 19 Beehive is focusing on workplace well-being. The aim of 'b.WELL with Beehive' is to help businesses support the well-being of their workforce - so much more important at this time than before - by offering resources, links and services to help you take care of your most valuable and expensive resource - your workforce. Go to b.WELL with Beehive to find out more.

The Covid 19 pandemic has launched us all into unprecedented waters. As hard as it would have been to imagine on January 1st 2020, the world has gone into lockdown, and four out of five of the world's workers have had their jobs and security impacted on negatively. The world's health services are buckling. The global economy, which had just recovered from the financial crash of 2008, has now suffered its biggest blow since the second world war.

All of which puts astonishing pressure on the globe's workforce. Those in work - the key workers - have increased workloads. Those out of work or on reduced hours have increased insecurity and stress. Leaders are being looked to to provide guidance in a situation they have never confronted before. We all need the emotional resilience to survive this, and to thrive afterwards.

Beehive – putting the ‘buzz’ into business!

We chose the name ‘Beehive' because we think it's a great metaphor for a buzzing, creative, productive organisation – just what we are. Our aim is to help you get the most from the most valuable resource in your organisation – your workforce – and to apply the principles of sustainability to organisational learning, behavioural safety and safety culture. This requires two things:

  • The development of a learning mindset - open, enquiring, curious, questioning - from leadership levels downwards
  • The embedding of learning activities - review, reflection, feedback, challenge, action learning, coaching and mentoring

at every level in an organisation, from board to employee. This is how we do it:

Organisational behaviour change

Beehive and b.SAFE have a track record in organisational development and behaviour change across a range of sectors....

Management & Leadership Development

We believe good management is about developing what you DO and good leadership is about developing who you ARE. This informs our development approaches....

Team development and board review

We've been building high-performing and interdependent teams for over 20 years, from engaging frontline staff to top team and board level reviews....

Coaching and Mentoring

We're passionate about coaching and mentoring – they are the underpinning methodologies behind our sustainable learning approach....

b.SAFE Safety Culture

B.SAFE is the Beehive safety culture brand, with a focus on transforming safety education and safety culture....

Beehive Cymraeg

'Fel rhan o’n polisi iaith Gymraeg, rydym wedi ymrwymo i gyflwyno mwy o’n gwasanaethau yn Gymraeg trwy ein partneriaid cyswllt dibynadwy

Beehive commitment to quality – living our values

Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC) EMCCNS4P_logo

Beehive is a values-led organisation, committed to providing a consistently high level of quality of service to its clients, the community and the environment. We are proud to be:

  • An Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Approved Centre, able to provide accredited organisational post-graduate certificate and diploma programmes at levels 3, 5 and 7
  • An employer-nominated approved provider for the National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN), able to gain NSAN endorsement for development programmes
  • Members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), abiding by their code of conduct
  • A signatory to the Sustainable Development Charter
  • Supporters of local business, using suppliers from the local area wherever possible
  • Members of the New Economics Foundation (NEF) a ‘think and do’ tank aimed at including well-being and social capital in definitions of wealth
  • Donators to charities including The Magic Breakfast, Headway, VSO, The Red Cross